Custom Laces

Custom Laces by @pitch.kicks

How it Works

Purchase your Flat Single Colour Laces from our website (the custom process works best on flat single colour laces)

Send either an email or DM to / @lace_junkie with the following information:

  • The wording you want to appear on the lace
  • Specify if you would like quotation marks included
  • Standard or italic font (please note the font used is Helvetica)
  • Capitals or lower case

Your custom laces will be fulfilled by Pitch Kicks.


Price of Custom Work*:

£6.00 for one pair

£10.00 for two pairs

£12.00 for three pairs

*these prices are for the custom process only and the cost of the lace is additional at £3.50 per pair (£3.95 for 100% cotton option)